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Are you ready to pay by DogeCoin with incredibly low fees?
Physical POS, Virtual POS, QR Payment Solutions
Innovative Idea!

Enjoy instant payment shopping with DogeCoin.

Our system is completely working within the network of DogeCoin. There are no API systems in it. Therefore, we provide uninterrupted service 7/24.


Who Are We?

As a software company since 2003, we serve in Turkey. For the last 5 years, we have been providing software solutions entirely in the cryptocurrency industry. (

And since we have been dogecoin investors for a very long time, we want DogeCoin to be much more involved in our daily lives. E-commerce sites, businesses, etc.

When we designed our system, we never had big profit motives. That's why we aim to keep our commissions to a minimum. After you become a member of our system, an automatic wallet is opened for you.
After sending DogeCoin to this wallet from any exchange, your DogeCoin balance will appear automatically on your system when it reaches the required number of check-ins. Then you can start shopping immediately.

About DogeCoin Pay

  • 100 Total Members
  • 1,400,00+ Total Shopping
  • 500+ Total Support Request
Dogecoin Pay
Here Are Some Of Our Features

DogeCoin Pay

Free Wallet

We provide free wallet service to our members.

DogeCoin Pay

Low Commission

We provide shopping with very low commissions.

DogeCoin Pay

Transfer by "0" Commission

You can transfer with a "0" commission for both businesses and individual users.

DogeCoin Pay


DogeCard applicants send their card to any address they want to all our members. (Paid)

DogeCoin Pay


You can start using it by applying to your Web site for DogeCoin Web POS. (Free)

DogeCoin Pay


With DogePOS, you can collect payments with Doge in your business. And with very low commissions.

  • 1.500 Total
  • 1.500 Total
  • 1.500 Total Support