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The most innovative
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DogeCoin POS

Commission Rates

DogeCoin POS

Our system charges all corporate members a commission rate of 0.30% for purchases made from both webpos and pos devices in the first month.

in the following months,

based on the total turnover of the previous month; we charge
0.30% commission to our customers who collect between $0 and $1,000
0.20% commission to our customers who collect between $1,001 and $50,000
0.10% commission to our customers who collect between $50,001 and $100,000
0.05% commission to our customers who collect a total of $100,001 or more.

Dogepay for

Physical POS

With commissions starting from 0.05%

DogeCoin POS
DogeCoin POS


Collect payments with DogeCoin on your website. Moreover, starting with %0.05 commissions

What does
offer businesses?

  • DogeCoin POS
    Collection with 7/24
  • DogeCoin POS
    Low commissions
  • DogeCoin POS
    Free Deposit/Withdraw
  • DogeCoin POS
    7/24 Doge Pay
Frequently asked questions
Our customers are curious about those.

No, we do not charge any fees for registration.

You can apply for a card as a member. If you are requesting a physical card, we send it all over the world for a fee. If you do not request it, your card information is included on the system. With this card information, you can make instant purchases with our customers using web pos.

You can apply for pos as an enterprise member. After paying the device fee, your device is installed and shipped. (Shipping time may vary depending on volume)

You can use our virtual pos for your website and our pos device for your business.

Yes, you can also do this with a "0" commission.

Our infrastructure is based on BinanceGlobal's exchange rate at the time.

  • 1.500 Total
  • 1.500 Total
  • 1.500 Total Support